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Links for Reference pages

Webtv Utility for PC
Webtv Utility
Cool Tools (computer)
Cool Tools (webtv)
Author's HTML
Draac.Com/Building Better Webpages
Draac's free gifs and tutorials
Java Goodies
Tiger Lillie's Javascript
JavaScript planet
Ralph's Javascript
Constantine's HTML
EntrancE's webtv page
Krazy Kodes
The Javascript Source
Resources for HTML and Javascript
Custom IRC for webtv

Links to Imaging Sites

TransWeb Gif Transparency
iqAuto 3d Text Generator
Image Magick Studio
Gif Works
ACME Labelmaker (banners)
3D Text Maker
Cool Archive - Banners, Buttons & Images
Online Button Factory
Image Alchemy (image conversion)
Text Colorizer (rainbow text)
VRL Imaging Links
Image Search Engine
Resources for Images